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To download claim forms, simply log into the administrator portal and choose either the online or PDF format of the form you need.

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Claim Forms

Access all essential claims forms with ease and help ensure timely and accurate submissions for every scenario.

Medical and Drug Expenses Claim

For prescription drugs, vision care, medical appliances, paramedical services, etc.

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Dental Claim

Employees use this form if their dental office does not provide its own form.

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Short-Term Disability Claim

This form should be submitted as soon as possible after an employee stops working.

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Resources to Help Administrators

The Benefits Trust ensures plan administrators are always prepared with our extensive range of resources, curated for your diverse needs.

Enrollment Form

Submit the signed original form within 31 days of eligibility.

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Change of Record

Employees can use this to change their coverage or information.

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Termination/Rehire Form

Submit this form to remove an employee from the plan, or to rehire a terminated employee.

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Pre-Authorized Payment Form

Submit this form with a void cheque for automatic withdrawal of monthly invoices.

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Declaration Appointing Trustee Form

Submit this form for a life insurance beneficiary under the age of 18.

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Over-Age Dependent Form

This form must be submitted every school year for overage dependents still in school.

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Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Submit this form with a void cheque.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Navigate our FAQ section to find answers to the most common questions administrators frequently encounter.

To add a dependent, you must fill out a Change of Record form and mail or fax it to us.

Most plans allow for coverage of dependent children to at least age 19. Most plans will cover beyond that for full time students at accredited post-secondary institutes up to age 25 or 26. Please check your benefits booklet for your specific plan’s details. We require an updated Overage Dependent form each new school year to confirm eligibility. Disabled dependent children can be covered indefinitely.

This can be done in several ways. You can fill out a Change of Record form, which can be found on our download page. This form can be emailed to your plan administrator or admin. You can call and speak to a client service representative. Lastly, you can enter the address on the claim form when making a claim. If you elect to do this, you should highlight the fact that it is a new address to ensure that it is not missed.

Certainly, just give us a call, and we will send a new card to your administrator. If you have lost your travel card, contact your administrator to get a new one. If they do not have a supply on hand, we may need to order more, so try to do this well in advance of your travel date.

The amount that is deducted from your pay cheque is decided entirely by your employer, so this question should be referred to your Human Resources Department.